Reading Habit Library

Question: LIBRARY

Q: Can I come and visit for free?

A: Yes, our library is open for the public. You can come visit for free in our working hours.


Q: Can I borrow the books?

A: Yes, please read the “Subscribe” for further details.


Q: How can I pay for the membership fee?

A: You can visit us and pay on the spot, or pay on the delivery after the first book delivery to your home.


Q: Can I come and pick up the book?

A: Of course you can, we gladly invite you to our library.


Q: Do you have books for teenager and adult?

A: Yes, we also have teenager and adult books.


Q: Can I do my work there?

A: Yes, we have a cafeteria so that parents can work while watching their kids.

Question: BOX HABIT

Question: WORKSHOP

Hotline: (028) 3744 6677

Reading Habit Library

Reading Habit Library

Reading Habit Library